I'm Arno Mühren, personal coach at Free Coachee. I challenge and support my clients to get the best out of themselves. As a coach I have the opportunity and honor to contribute to the development and growth of people, both in their personal and business life.

I work with curiosity, interest, enthusiasm and devotion as a personal coach and burn-out coach for my clients.

The most common subjects in which I successfully coach my clients are career, purpose, burnout (prevention), building a future vision and work/private life balance.

https://arnomuhren.hostiso.host/index.php/apps/appointments/pub/eOruY1wXfniOIX76zWU%3D/formI am looking forward to work with you!

A proven coaching formula

Free Coachee helps you define your future (Your Life, Your Story)

During coaching sessions, you are challenged to step out of your comfort zone, and you receive support in your growth.

  • Your blockages provide insight in old patterns
  • Your future vision provides perspective and direction
  • You make choices and take concrete actions

Using these core areas, the simple and proven coaching formula creates a powerful change in your development.

A clear path

Preceding the coach program we define the duration of the program. Depending on the amount of subjects you want coaching for, a program takes between 5 and 8 months on average.

  • An end goal makes the program more efficient
  • It provides the possibility to define a new coaching program after completion
  • It provides clarity about the costs for budgeting purposes

If desired, separate coaching sessions or accountability updates can be bought.

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